Wholesale Parade Candy!

It’s not so much the fire trucks, marching bands, and nifty floats that draw children to a parade; it’s often the free candy! Alas, at even the most well-stocked parades there’s only so much free candy to go around.

Don’t fall short! Sweet Services offers not only some red, white and blue candies but also many other bulk candy favorites for that special parade day – Obviously, soft candy would be your best choice. Many customers choose from an assortment of Gum, Alberts Fruit Chews, Twizzlers or our Patriotic Flag Wrapped Mini Tootsie Rolls and Buttermints. So many choices…so little time! At Sweet Services, buying parade candy in bulk is a money saver, especially at our wholesale prices!

Hosting a Patriotic Party? Don’t forget our USA Red, White & Blue Whirly Pops for that unique centerpiece or as party favors!

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