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Candy & Spirits | Sweet Pairings

We are heading into the season of holiday and seasonal parties and want a fun way to entertain your guests or large company party? How about a guide that helps pair your favorite cocktail with your favorite candy. You will wow your …[more]

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Chocolate Covered Candy Canes | A Holiday Favorite

Looking for a quick and easy holiday treat that will entertain your guests? Chocolate covered candy canes are simple to put together and offer a delicious contrasting combination of mint and chocolate flavors. What you will need: Peppermint candy canes (plastic removed) …[more]

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Dum Dum Lollipop Tree

Looking for a creative way to present candy to your guests or family for a birthday or special occasion? Why not create a dum dum lollipop tree! They are fun to make and can be placed just about anywhere people …[more]

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A Sweet Way to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, why not add sweets to your Thanksgiving table for all of your guests to enjoy! We always looking for ways to create a decortive and colorful Thanksgiving presentation, what better way to do so …[more]

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Candy Crafts For The Holidays

Looking for creative ideas for the holidays using your favorite mouth-watering sweets? Here are some popular Christmas candy combinations sure to please everyone including; educators and their students, parents and their children, Sunday school and much more. Need an idea for …[more]

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Online Bulk Candy Store

There are an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to putting together our mouth watering candy in bulk to use. We can help you find what you are looking for no matter what the items are to put together …[more]

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Christmas Candy | A Traditional Favorite

What are your Christmas memories? We all remember going to grandma’s house and she always had a candy bowl filled full of bright colored Christmas hard candies that you only found during the holidays. A delicious variety of unwrapped and …[more]

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Licorice Candy | An Old Favorite

People have developed a love/hate relationship with black licorice candy over the years and was first introduced and created in Holland sometime during the early 1770’s. The licorice root was brought to Europe in 1358, during the later years of …[more]

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History of Tootsie Rolls | A Christmas Favorite

Tootsie Rolls has been an iconic brand of chewy candy that has been around for over a century. The inventor, Leo Hirschfield invented the Tootsie Roll in 1896 and named it after his daughter “Tootsie”. The candy has been manufactured …[more]

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Caramel Apple Candies | An Autumn Favorite

Looking for a mouthwatering late summer treat that is sure to please your family or friends? Caramel apples are a good choice. You can purchase the caramel candy in bulk on This is great, because you may use the …[more]

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