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Valentine’s Day is Here!

Valentine’s Day Candy fast and inexpensive at Sweet

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The History of the Candy Cane: Origin and Mystery

Most would agree that Halloween is the first holiday that comes to mind when we think of candy being sensationalized. Perhaps Easter is close behind, but Christmas rarely gets associated with candy. Sure, we realize that the children in Christmas …[more]

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Christmas Candy by the Numbers: An Infographic

Did you know…? Christmas is the 3rd largest candy holiday, preceded by Halloween and Easter.  Tweet this. American households spend an average amount of $94.04 on holiday candy per year. Tweet this. Our nation spends $1.4 billion on holiday candy …[more]

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America’s Favorite Halloween Candy: An Infographic

Check out the infographic below for insight of America’s favorite Halloween candy by the numbers.

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Tips for Winning Over the Trick or Treaters This Year

Halloween is coming around again and, for many, this holiday is actually somewhat of a trial. What kind of candy should you get? How much should you give each child? Is it safe to leave a plastic cauldron-full on the …[more]

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4 Great Uses for Blue Candy

When you think about candy, chances are that pink hearts, brown candy bars, and red Swedish Fish probably jump to mind. Blue candy is probably the last thing that you think about. However, the fact that it’s so different is …[more]

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Is It Smarter to Buy Candy Wholesale for an Event?

If you are having a party or preparing for Halloween trick-or-treaters, you know the pressure to get your sweets right. After all, you’ll want to impress anyone over at your house with an array of items suited to varying tastes. …[more]

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Sweet Ways to Incorporate Candy into Your Wedding

Although planning a wedding entails a lot of time and attention, when the special day comes, you realize just how much it was worth it. Undoubtedly, you want your wedding to be the best it can be, not to mention …[more]

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Interesting Ways to Enhance Your Wedding Reception Tables

If you are planning a wedding, you already know how much detail should be taken into consideration when it comes to nearly all aspects of the occasion. You might have already decided on a certain theme for your wedding, which …[more]

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Tips for Making Your Child’s Next Birthday Party Fun and Easy

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a birthday party for a 2 year old or a 12 year old, planning birthday parties can be stressful.  Today there’s a lot of pressure on parents to make sure that their child has …[more]

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