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History of Candy Corn | A Halloween Favorite

Candy corn is one of America’s past time favorite halloween candy and has been around for over a century, no other candy is like it and with it’s creamy taste and relatively low calorie count it will remain the halloween favority …[more]

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Peppermint Candy Health Benefits

Its about that time of year when seasonal candy is everywhere you look and it is comforting to know that there are some health benefits of peppermint. One of the main ingredients of peppermint candy is peppermint oil and this essetial oil has many …[more]

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Cupcake Design and Decoration Ideas using Candy

Looking for cupcake ideas using candy for just about any special occasion that will sure to impress? Hello, Cupcake! can help. Hello Cupcake offers one of the largest selections of personalized cupcakes on the web using ordinary candy and snacks. Alan Richard …[more]

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History of Gummy Candy

Ever wonder who invented gummy candy? Gummy candy has been around since the 1920’s and was originally invented by Hans Reigal. Hans was the owner of the company Haribo and gummy bears were first manufactured in America in 1982. The Haribo …[more]

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Rainbow Candy

While the country is on the topic of rainbows, lets talk about America’s favorite rainbow candy.     There are many advantages of offering a buffet of rainbow candy to offer which will make your guests feel like they found their treasure …[more]

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America’s Top Selling Candy

Ever wonder what the best selling candy is in America? What is the first candy that comes to mind when you think of candy coated chocolate? You probably guessed it correctly and just about everyone has enjoyed eating M&M’s in …[more]

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Patriotic Candy for Parades

Being patriotic is an American favorite pastime and why not celebrate your 4th of July party or show your support of the troops with a parade of sweet Patriotic candy!     You will be the hit of your party and your …[more]

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Emerald Green Color of the Month

Emerald green is the birthstone of the month of May and we are expecting the rich green color of Spring to translate to candy buffets and weddings. It is a bold color that goes well with other shades of green …[more]

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It’s picnic time.

Summer means time for picnics. At we have some great candy that will sweeten up any picnic.  You have to have hamburgers and hotdogs. Try these gummy hamburgers and hotdogs.  They are sure to put a smile on the faces …[more]

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Valentine’s Day is Here!

Valentine’s Day Candy fast and inexpensive at Sweet

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