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Blue Candy

Blue Candy

Feeling blue? We can help! There's nothing greater than satisfying your sweet tooth with some blue candy... and ending up with a blue tongue! Whether raspberry, cotton candy, blueberry, or mint is your favorite, you can buy it in bulk at From our tropical punch-flavored Pop Rocks to Gustaf's Sour Blue Raspberry Laces… we have all the blue candy options imaginable. Check out our variety of wholesale and bulk blue candy below.
1/2 inch Shimmer Powder Blue Gumballs - 2lbs
Albanese Blue Raspberry Gummi Rings ~ 4.5lb Bag
Albanese Freedom Gummi Rings ~ 4.5lb Bag
American Fish Gummy Candy Blue ~ 5lb
Shimmery Powder Blue Gumballs in Bulk
Albanese Blue Raspberry Gummi Rings
Albanese Freedom Gummi Rings
Blue Raspberry flavored Gummy Fish
Price: $8.95
Price: $13.25
Price: $13.25
Price: $27.95
Aqua Green M&M's ~ 5lbs
Blue and White Petite Candy Sticklettes ~ 250 Count
Blue Blueberry Nordic Fish
Blue Blueberry Sour Budz
Aqua Green Colored M&M's
Blue & White Striped Petite Sticklettes
Blueberry flavored Nordic Fish
Blue Blueberry flavored Sour Budz
Price: $54.90
Price: $17.95
Price from: $16.95
Price from: $16.95
Blue Buttermint ~ 3lb
Blue M&M's ~ 5lbs
Blue Razz Pop Rocks ~ 24 Count
Blueberry Sassy Blue Striped Cylinders ~ 5lbs
Soft creamy blue buttermints. 3lb bag.
Blue Colored M&M's
Original Blue Razz Popping Candy.
Blueberry Flavored Cylinders
Price: $9.50
Price: $54.90
Price: $20.00
Price: $24.95
Brachs Ice Blue Mint Coolers ~ 6.31lb bag
Caribbean Blue Chevron Buttermints ~ 50 Count Bag
Caribbean Blue Polka Dot Buttermints ~ 50 Count Bag
Carribean Blue Licorice Pastels - 1lb
Brachs Ice Blue Mint Coolers
A creamy, buttery mint in a Caribbean Blue and White Chevron Wrapper
A creamy, buttery mint in a Blue and White Polka Dot Wrapper
Carribean Blue Licorice Pastels
Price: $33.95
Price: $3.95
Price: $3.95
Price: $4.95
Dark Blue M&M's ~ 5lbs
Dark Blue Rock Candy Sticks ~ 12 Count
Espeez Cotton Candy Flavored Cube Pop ~ 100 Count
Gerrit's Blue Raspberry Broadway Rolls - 24 rolls
Dark Blue Colored M&M's
Dark Blue Rock Candy Sticks.
Old fashioned Cotton Candy Flavored cube lollipops.
Gerrit's Blue Raspberry Broadway Rolls
Price: $54.90
Price: $9.95
Price: $40.95
Price: $15.95
Gustaf's Sour Blue Raspberry Laces - 2lb Bag
Hershey Cookies 'n' Creme Kisses ~ 10.5 oz
It's A Boy Wrapped Buttermint ~ 50 Count
Jelly Belly Plum ~ 10lb
Quality European licorice laces.
Blue Foil Wrapped Cookies & Crème Kisses
A creamy, buttery mint in a It's a boy wrapper.
Jelly Belly Plum jelly beans in bulk.
Price: $7.95
Price: $5.95
Price: $3.95
Price: $71.50