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Bulk Candy and Wholesale CandyNostalgic Candy Assortment

Nostalgic Candy Assortment

Nostalgic Candy Assortment

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Price: $27.95
Item #: NR1000
Shipping Weight: 3.00 lbs
Don't need the gift box? Save money with this bulk bag.
Our Nostalgic candy assortment contains over 40 great candies.
You get at least 100 pieces in this 3lb bag.
A random assortment of the following candy. Included candies based on availability of candy.
Boston baked beans, bottle caps, candy buttons, candy cigarettes, candy necklace, chick o stick, fun dip, pixy sticks, bubble gum cigar, lemon heads, licorice pipes, red hots, cede lollies, twizzlers, dubble bubble, marshmallow cones, smarties, banana splits, goldmine gum, chocolate longboy, candy sticks, super bubble, dum dums, cow tails, red fish, choc n roll, now n later, jaw breakers, sour patch kids, air heads, sweetarts, sugar daddy, sugar babies, bit o honey, goetze caramel, charleston chew, candy flip stick, hot dog gum, coconut longboy, mary jane, necco wafer, tootsie roll, razzle, root beer barrel, saf-t-pop, bubble gum cigar, slo poke, nik l nip, blow pop, gobstopper, and nerds.

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