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Wonka Candy

Wonka Candy

WONKA produces some of the most fun, innovative, high quality candies in the world. Willy Wonka's "scrumdidlyuptious" candy inspired by the famous book and original movie is unsurpassed in appearance, flavor and packaging; it provides a deliciously different eating experience that sparks the imagination in kids of all ages.
Sour Apple Laffy Taffy Rope ~ 24 Count
Sour Apple Laffy Taffy ~ 145 Count
Watermelon Laffy Taffy ~ 145 Count
Blue Raspberry Laffy Taffy Rope ~ 24 Count
Wonka's Laffy Taffy Ropes with an oh so Sour Apple flavor. Kid's Love 'em!
YUMMY taffy.
YUMMY taffy.
Kid's love these Blue Raspberry flavored Wonka Laffy Taffy Ropes!
Price: $8.50
Price: $12.90
Price: $12.90
Price: $8.50
Blue Raspberry Laffy Taffy ~ 145 Count
Giant Pixy Sticks ~ 100 Count
Giant Pixy Sticks ~ 50 Count
Bottlecaps ~ 24 Count
YUMMY taffy.
GIANT 21" Candy filled "Fun Straws"
GIANT 21" Candy filled "Fun Straws"
Sweet, but slightly sour tasting!
Price: $12.90
Price: $43.95
Price: $23.95
Price: $25.95
Chewy Sweetarts 12 ~ 5oz Bags
Chewy Sweetarts 12oz Bag
Sweetarts Gummies -  12 ~ 5.25oz Bags
Sweetarts Twists ~ 5lb.
Mini Chewy Sweetarts.
Mini Chewy Sweetarts.
NEW! Sweetarts Gummies
Sweetarts Twists
Price: $22.00
Price: $3.95
Price: $23.90
Price: $18.95
Fun Dip ~ 48 Count
Nerds ~ 550 Count.
Nerds ~ 5lb.
Wonka Nerds ~ 12oz Bag
Dip & Lick Powdered Candy Packets.
Nerds! A Willy Wonka Favorite!
Nerds! A Willy Wonka Favorite!
Nerds! A Willy Wonka Favorite!
Price: $8.25
Price: $69.95
Price: $22.95
Price: $4.95
Wonka Surf & Turf Nerds ~ 24 - 1.65oz Boxes
NEW! Surf and Turf Nerds!
The original Everlasting Gobstopper.
Price: $22.50
Price from: $21.90